Have you see a Dinosaur Exhibition in the outdoor exhibition tent?

In 1993, the advent of Jurassic Park opened up a new world for fans to realize the dinosaurs that existed in the world. However, recently, the “real dinosaurs” had to meet with you. A museum built by an outdoor exhibition tent showed the original appearance of the earth’s hegemon 100 million years ago, showing the scenes of the Jurassic era.

The size of custom-built exhibition tents are 30*38 meters, and the relevant information content is printed on the fabric, so that people can recognize what it is for at a glance. Moreover, the outdoor exhibition tent does not have any beam and column support, and is extremely spacious. The inner area is more than 1,000 square meters can be fully used. 

There are many rooms in the outdoor exhibition tent. Various dinosaur-related clothing and toys are provided for visitors to watch, try on and play. It is worth mentioning that the outdoor exhibition tent construction process took only 5 days, fully showing the advantages of the rapid assembly and disassembly of the exhibition tent. Moreover, the overall frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is stable and hard, and the corrosion resistance and rust resistance make the outdoor exhibition tents last longer.


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