Clear Tent Transparent Tent for Outdoor Wedding

Have you ever seen a clear wedding tent built on the water? Against the background of blue sky, white clouds and green trees, the complete clear wedding tent is actually standing in the center of the lake.

Outdoor Wedding550-3

When the guests step into the tent, just like stepping into a clear crystal palace, immersed and unable to extricate themselves. There are no poles inside the outdoor clear wedding tent structure, to offer the greatest space for the event layout. 

Outdoor Wedding550-2

Inside the tent, you can take in everything in a glance through the glass walls, when the night falls, the moonlight, and light shine on the water, like countless crystals spread on the water, you can see this view through the Clear Roof Tent, a spectacular outdoor wedding on the water will give all the guests a feeling of romantic and fantastic.

Outdoor Wedding550

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