The quality of car exhibition event tent is very important

The quality of car exhibition event tents is very important. Why do you say that?

In an explosion in Tianjin, Mercedes-Benz, which has a storage area of more than 20,000 m2, survived. What kind of "copper wall and iron wall" can withstand such shock waves for them?


It is not because the warehouse has copper walls and iron walls, but because the PVC tents used in the warehouse are of good ductility. With this layer of "iron cloth shirt", the warehouse can be flexible and rigid, which can reduce the impact of air shock wave on the car body in the warehouse to a certain extent. Moreover, it fully meets the B1 level fire protection standard.

In order to make the exhibition event tent more safe, the glass wall is made of fireproof glass, and the selected plate can be put into use only after the fire, wind, rain, snow and compression tests have reached the standard.

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