Big outdoor activities tent

Big tent is a kind of common tent house. The herringbone small tent house has a wide range of uses, low cost, and the side wall can choose the tent cloth or glass freely. It is easy to decorate, so it is also loved by the vast number of consumers.


The function of small movable tent cloth can prevent rain, heat and cold. Therefore, such products are required to have certain performance. Considering the various uses of tarpaulins, the general requirements to be met are as follows:

(1) Light weight, easy folding and easy handling;

(2) High strength, wear resistance and long service life;

(3) Good waterproofing and air permeability, anti-condensation water in Inner side;

(4) acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance and corrosion resistance;

(5) Good weather resistance, fire retardant and fireproof;

(6)Big tent is no wicking effect and no moisture conduction.

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