Warehouse awning manufacturers provide flexible space to solve the problem of insufficient storage

Manufacturing industry and logistics industry are flourishing, the problem of off-season, warehousing space is also followed by the problem of leisure and insufficient.The appearance of storage awning solves many problems of traditional storage building and is favored by enterprises.

Why do warehouse canopies often replace traditional warehouse buildings?

One, the warehouse is not enough in peak season, the warehouse canopies can solve the temporary, emergency or transitional warehousing needs of enterprises!

Two, the examination and approval procedure is relatively simple: the traditional building examination and approval procedure is many, but the warehouse tent is belongs to the temporary building, the procedure is simple good the examination and approval.

Three, fast construction speed: the traditional building construction time is long, the cost is high, but the warehouse roof construction speed is fast, five days 10,000 square meters is not a problem!The warehouse space can be built in a very short time.

4. Movable and reusable: when the enterprise relocates due to the expiration of the lease term, the warehouse canning can be dismantled first and then built to the new factory site, which can be reused for many times.


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