The stall tent is upgraded to an aluminum alloy market tent, so you won’t be afraid of storms anymore

In July, the rainy season is here again, and the storm is also coming. After a storm, the stall tents are in a mess, and the aluminum alloy market tents can withstand winds of eight to ten levels. There is a syx aluminum alloy market tent. Never be afraid of violent storms anymore.

The advantages of aluminum alloy market tents have also been revealed after a storm:

1. Resistant to winds of eight to ten levels: due to the different shapes and spans, it can resist wind of different levels. If it is an aluminum alloy tent or herringbone tent with a span of less than 15 meters, it can resist wind of eight , The span of 15 meters or more can resist ten levels of wind! Of course, if the aluminum alloy market tent is just on the tuyere, the larger and thicker aluminum alloy can generally resist the tenth wind.

2. Customizable: According to the size and shape of the site, even if it is an irregular site, SYXTent Company can adapt to local conditions. You can also print your company LOGO or advertisement on the aluminum alloy market tent.

3. Durable: The main frame of the SYX  Aluminum Alloy Fair Tent is aluminum alloy, which can be used for about 30 years! If you think the tarp is old, or the tarp is broken for objective reasons, just replace the tarp. The tarp can also be used for ten years.

4. More importantly, it can be moved and reused: if you want to go to another place to set up a street stall, the aluminum market tent can be moved to another place for use.

5. There are different fixing methods for different grounds: for the ground that can be destroyed, you can screw; for the ground that can not be destroyed, we can weigh it; if it is grass, we can make steel.

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