How much is a square wedding tent

July has passed, and more people will get married in the second half of the year. Young people want to have a unique romantic wedding. With the increasing demand for outdoor weddings, many wedding companies, exhibition companies, hotels, etc. Buy wedding tents directly to meet the different needs of customers, how much is the wedding tent per square meter? Then what factors affect the price of wedding tents?

        Now let's talk about how much a wedding tent costs a square meter, and the price of a wedding tent generally ranges from 240-380 yuan. Because of the size of the venue, the specifications and quantity of wedding tents used are also different. Generally speaking, the main factors that directly affect the price of wedding tents are as follows:

1. The specifications of using the wedding tent: the larger the span, the more expensive the price will be;

2. Number of wedding tents used: Generally, the more the number of wedding tents used, the lower the relative price;

3. The time of using the wedding tent: Generally, the cycle of renting a tent by a Cedar Tent company is seven days as a cycle, that is, one day and seven days are the same price.

4. Length of journey: The length of journey directly affects the freight.

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