Sports tent The best space to enjoy the game

In "commercial sports", it is not enough to entertain the audience and guests with "bread and games". Experience, creativity and inspiration are the elements of successful sports events and independent hospitality areas. Customers, VIPs and sponsors must feel special respect. It also needs to be accurately reflected by the location itself.

In the SYX sports tent solution, your guests can always sit in the front row. On the most famous circuit, on the best green or the most impressive stadium. From creative concepts to detailed planning to perfect phased implementation, we provide comprehensive solutions for sports events and major international events.

High-quality single-story and two-story tents for sports and entertainment activities-separated from the infrastructure, front glass walls, with a balcony or terrace. Attractive VIP lounge area, outdoor dining area that is not affected by the weather, or storage or logistics space. We create a complete tent landscape for you, with a high degree of comfort and a carefully created atmosphere, to fully meet your every need. Roussberg provides the best space for spectators, athletes and media.


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