Exhibition and trade fair tents Show off your style and make business partners

The 200-square-meter space of corporate exhibitions, international art and fashion fairs, or the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition-SYX’s exhibition tents and halls are designed to meet the requirements of various large-scale events and various Designed for the needs of trade fairs and exhibitors.

Syx exhibition tents can supplement your existing hall with accessories to meet your needs, or create a space for trade fairs. Do you need 30,000 square meters of exhibition space? no problem! In addition to the exclusive VIP area, there are also comfortable cafes and second-level exhibition areas, bringing guests a unique trade fair experience. The promoters and organizers of the trade fair used the Lausberg exhibition tent design to obtain the best event orders and short-distance orders. The charming architectural landscape also attracts every visitor.

Syx used outdoor and event tents to provide a large number of designs for the exhibition stands in the external area proposed by the exhibitors. Therefore, each exhibitor can have a specially customized unified platform-each company can show its personality with a distinctive look.


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