The advantages of a warehouse

Made of awning room warehouse, no difference with the traditional warehouse in use, but it has more advantages than traditional warehouse.

Cost advantage

When it comes to warehouse leasing or construction, the enterprise will cost estimates, this is the most concern of the enterprise, large storage tents per square metre cost than 1/3 of the warehouse cost for traditional concrete, and also is not a warehouse building, built in the time of every day is the cost of consumption, but the tent rental for warehouse building is convenient, can quickly build completed and put into use, it also save the cost of a lot of time and money for the enterprise cost.

Structure advantages

Modular and large span, column, large internal space in all of these are large storage and the structure of the tent is obvious advantage, good weather tent rental for warehouse is aluminum alloy fabricated structure, which is the whole structure can be in the factory production ahead of schedule, assemble at by stitching together, like lego quickly assembled. The whole structure on the ground, not high demand basically any a flat space can be set up, don't need pretreatment on the ground, according to the different characteristics of the ground, we have many kinds of tent rental for fixed way the warehouse can be set up in good condition, if there are any special case of the ground not level off, can use love and simple scaffolding fast leveling to ground level, in all warehouse rental can be set up smoothly.

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