The benefits of a swimming pool tent

In the hot summer, with temperatures rising, swimming is a fitness entertainment, whether it is good, or for training, summer swimming pool awning room also gradually become a summer place of the massesBecause the traditional swimming pool construction engineering cost is higher, investment to build venues, restricted by factors such as funds, site planning, etc., and swimming pool in the open season of a year is shorter, thus caused the cost of the swimming pool is on the high side.Using the tent set up for swimming pool than ordinary traditional architecture, in terms of money can save the cost of the budget. Compared to the previous construction time, tent set up in the swimming pool for swimming pool construction period is short, not only easy to install and remove the fast, for future expansion or move also has the advantage of relatively, pool tent awning room, sports room, etc., has gradually become one of the modern trend of arises at the historic moment.Swimming pool tent use for building sites generally flat, tarpaulins is imported double PVC synthetic fiber, various protective functions in line with international standards. Tent is unrestricted, the length of the span of 60 metres, up to 6 m tall, also have a variety of optional accessories: wall cloth with transparent PVC Windows, glass curtain wall, ABS hardware wall,, caigang sandwich wall wall, door, slippery course door, transparent tarpaulins and wall cloth, etc.Another tent framework for the swimming pool is special high strength aluminum alloy structure, strong safety, ability to resist wind and rain awning room grade eight. Can use the life span of 20 years.


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